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Travelling with art
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Academy for Christian Art

Born from the desire to enable you to enjoy the beauty, versatility, diversity, and depth of Christian art, to unveil its hidden pearls, and to rediscover with new eyes the marvels it may seem as if we’ve seen too many times,  a rich curriculum of courses and points of focus  has been given life–through an online platform that enables interactive exchange among participants – to enhance and instruct on the plurality of Christian art, its underlying theological content, and the different points of view of the principal Christian faiths.

The founders


“Jésus quarante jours au désert”

25 mars 2021 – h 20.00

“Les Noces de Cana”

27 mars 2021 – h 20.00
Atelier d’Art Sacré MOSAICIEL – videoconference
Enrollment on MOSAICIEL.COM (8€ each conference)

Travelling with art

Periodically new articles, on different subjects, will allow us to cross centuries and continents and to approach the different forms and expressions of Christian art.
  • The active researcher undertaking a long-term survey of the various depictions of Christ on the cross throughout the history of art [...] should expect many surprises.

  • Solemnly posed, arms open and raised, gaze fixed on the highest priest, golden halo, blue maphorion fringed with gold which will distinguish her for eternity.

  • Johannes Bugenhagen (1485-1558) is an immensely important, even if rather unknown, figure among Martin Luther’s most faithful collaborators.

  • During some restoration works in the former Franciscan church in Cuernavaca, Mexico mural paintings were discovered under coats of painting.